Fira Thai
Fira Thai
Fira Thai
For: HERE Maps
Date: 2016

Thai extension for FiraGO used in HERE maps

In 2016, the geo data provider »HERE« chose Fira Sans as their corporate typeface. Their need for a broader language coverage especially in map applications led them to commission bBox Type GmbH with a global script extension. I had the honor to extend the script coverage to Thai with consultaions by Ben Mitchell.

Based on the Fira Sans 4.3 glyph set, FiraGO now supports Arabic, Devanagari, Georgian, Hebrew and Thai. With this script support, FiraGO catches up with other global Open Source typefaces such as Noto.

FiraGO is licenced under OFL (Open Font Licence)

Supported Scripts:

Latin Extended, Cyrillic Extended, Greek Polytonic, Vietnamese, IPA, Arabic, Devanagari, Georgian, Hebrew, Thai

Many thanks for everyone involved:

  • Design FiraGO Arabic: Ralph du Carrois, Titus Nemeth and Hasan Abu Afash

  • Design FiraGO Devanagari: Rob Keller, Kimya Gandhi and Natalie Rauch

  • Design FiraGO Georgian: Akaki Razmadze and Anja Meiners

  • Design FiraGO Hebrew: Natalie Rauch with consultancy support by Yanek Iontef

  • Design FiraGO Thai: Mark Frömberg with consultancy support by Ben Mitchell

  • Hinting: Monika Bartels and Anke Bonk at FontWerk (now Alphabet Type)

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